Jake Petroules

Open Source Work

Qt Project

I am an active developer in the open source Qt Project. I work primarily on the next generation Qt Build Suite (Qbs) - a new cross platform build system for all types of projects, developing new features and fixing bugs. I also occasionally contribute fixes and features to the core libraries and other areas within the Qt Project.

Personal Projects


Silverlock is a cross platform password manager I wrote in 2010. It was actually a rewrite of two projects I'd done previously, but never publicly released. Silverlock and its predecessors were my first venture into cryptography and security, subjects I've become increasingly interested in over time.

The name "Silverlock" quite literally came from its icon, a public domain image I found and elected to use for the app. The app's source code can be found on GitHub.

A new, commercial version of Silverlock (which has since been discontinued) was developed by my company and released in 2014.

Package Maintainerships

I maintain software packages on several package management systems:

I'm also a co-maintainer of Sparkle itself.

3D Terrain Editor

Several years ago I wrote a 3D terrain editor using C# and XNA. The entire project is around 6600 lines of code and can be found at GitHub. It was my first experience with 3D computer graphics and the associated techniques, math, and algorithms. A video demonstration is available on the side.

The Rest

As part of my daily work, I write plenty of smaller projects not large enough to warrant their own piece. These, along with other miscellaneous code such homework assignments from when I was in college, online courses, etc., can be found on my GitHub account.